Leaky Gut in Kingston WA

leaky gut

Leaky gut is the lay term for intestinal permeability. Leaky gut occurs when inflammation in the digestive tract has caused the cell junctions to become relaxed. These junctions are meant to be tight so that nothing passes through the gut lining- digestive juices, bacteria, and food particles, staying inside the intestines where they belong. Nutrients from digested food particles should be absorbed through biochemical pathways via cell receptors. When the cells are inflamed the receptors are often compromised, which means they are not able to absorb properly, if at all. The inflammation resulting in relaxed cell junctions and compromised cell receptors results in “leaking” of the before mentioned contents from inside the intestines into the bloodstream. These particles are too large to be utilized by organs and tissues in the body and can be unrecognizable as they travel through the blood stream. This results in an inflammatory immune response in other areas of the body… symptoms like joint pain/stiffness, congestion, rash, headache, gas/bloating, nausea, reflux, allergy, hormonal imbalance, etc.

What causes this inflammation making these cell junctions relax?

Most often it’s what you eat and drink. Foods that are processed (aka able to sit on the shelf or are pre made) are full of preservative chemicals and sugar. Sugar is a key player in creating inflammation. Food habits that are lacking in fresh whole foods and enough water are a major contributor in leaky gut symptoms. You [literally] are what you eat!

An infection can be the initial cause and lead to long term inflammation and leaky gut symptoms.

Emotions are another often over looked factor. The digestive system is a storage space for our emotions. “I had a gut feeling”, “That interaction/experience left me sick to my stomach”, “Every time I think about ____ I want to throw up”.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy, each organ is associated with a specific emotion: liver = anger, spleen = worry (over thinking), kidney = fear (fright), lung = grief (sadness), heart = joy (agitation and over excitement).  Lung+ large intestine = anxiety.

When the emotions are out of balance, the function of the organ system becomes out of balance leading to symptoms.  Emotions have a direct impact on the health of the digestive tract; restoring balance to emotions is KEY in correcting leaky gut symptoms. This can be done with energetic medicine – homeopathic remedies, flower essences, essential oils, mindfulness techniques, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and/or psychotherapy.

Correcting leaky gut can be done! It’s necessary to eliminate the inflammation, ‘calm down’ the intestinal cells, and then nourish the compromised cells. (Specific nutrients like glutamine and curcumin are essential). Improving the overall digestion process often leads to resolution of symptoms experienced in the other areas of the body. Make your appointment with our Naturopathic Physician today!

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