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Meet Our Team

Dr. Sunny Gill, DC

Weight Loss Consultant Sunny GillDr. Gill has a passion for chiropractic health, and really strives to personalize his patient’s care.  He became a chiropractor after his mother had an injury and was treated primarily through medication and a restricted work schedule.  When this was unsuccessful they turned to chiropractic care, and he was heavily impacted by the success she experienced in pain management.  While he is mainly involved with chiropractic care, he has a vested interest in the general wellbeing of his patients and weight loss can be an important part of health and wellness.  He feels passionately about allowing the body to heal without the use of drugs or surgery, and using a natural approach towards the weight goals of his patients.  By using natural methods he is able to address the root of the issue and help patients on the road to becoming their healthiest selves. Dr. Gill has helped many organizations like fundraising for Relay for Life, is on the Board of Directors for Martha and Mary, and is an active member of the Kingston community.  Dr. Gill is also a husband and a father and has two adorable dogs, Maxx and Maddie.

Sean Guinan - Acupuncturist MTCM, L.Ac., EAMP, E-RYT

Weight Loss Consultant Sean GuinanSean Guinan, L.Ac. is an adult and pediatric acupuncturist. With a specialty in family medicine, he excels in the areas of holistic pediatrics, reproductive medicine, chronic pain management and weight loss. Sean believes in viewing and treating the body as a whole and not just a number. Through an integrative approach to healthcare he works at the crossroads of applied traditional medicine and modern biomedical knowledge.  Using this variety of methods, herbs and lifestyle modifications he has had success in both adult and adolescent weight loss.

Having worked in the health and wellness field since 2009, Sean is a California & Washington state board licensed acupuncturist and holds a Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (MTCM) from the prestigious Five Branches University. Prior to relocating to Washington, Sean served as the Director of The Center for Acupuncture Pediatrics and worked at a family medicine clinic in Silicon Valley, California. He also holds a Master’s in Biology and has traveled the world as a conservation biologist & wildlife ecologist.

When he’s not busy treating patients, Sean can be found spending time with his beautiful wife and their three young daughters. As a family they love being in nature, refining their organic gardening skills, and exploring the bounty of local farms.

Rayshel Stanton, Wellness Professional

Rayshel Stanton is our Wellness Professional in our office at Kingston Crossing Wellness Clinic. She focuses on the whole body wellness as a main factor in the weight loss program. She is a certified medical assistant and a certified Life Wellness Coach from the World Coaching Institute. Rayshel has been doing this for three out of the 12 years she has worked at Kingston Crossing Wellness Clinic. She enjoys going to the YMCA and hanging out with her three kids.

Inara McEwen, ARNP

Inara practices as a Nurse Practitioner and over the years has focused on many different fields from family practice, allergy treatments, to Balance testing/Fall prevention. Inara Currently lives in Bainbridge Island and over the years has built many relationships with other Kitsap County doctors, so if she can not help you out, she can definitely find someone who can. To schedule a free consult with Inara please call Kingston Crossing Weight Loss Center at (360) 297-2974