How to Set Weight Loss Goals for the Upcoming Year and Turn Your Body Into A Fat Burning Machine

weight loss

Step 1:

  • Get ready mentally. Take one or two hours out of your day and do something super relaxing like get a massage or go to the spa. When you are put in this type of atmosphere your best thoughts and goals come to you. Decide… This is going to happen, you will reach your health goals.

Step 2:

  • Write down a systematic 30-day plan on how you will reach these goals. How many times a week will you be going to the gym or exercising at home. What food and dietary changes will you make to reach your goals. Also, decide who you will trust to keep you on track…. You can work with a friend or family member, studies show that when a program is done with a partner or an organization that’s keep you accountable, the results are much better.

Step 3:

  • Every morning start your day off with 10 minutes of meditation. Studies have shown that daily meditation before your day starts is the best way to stay on track and on purpose. Meditation sets the tone for the day, it helps avoid being reactive with family members and co-workers. If you stay on purpose throughout your day, it’s much easier to stay focused on your health goals.

Step 4:

  • Have an outline of your daily goals and an outline for meal preparation and exercise routines for the day. Planning first thing in the morning, eliminates any confusion and any chances of losing track of the goal.

Step 5:

  • Stay positive, and surround yourself with people that are positive and that will help you maintain your goals. Try to refrain from watching the news and violent TV shows. If you are surrounded by an atmosphere of positivity… you will reach your goals at a faster rate.

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