Weight Loss in Kingston

weight loss

At Kingston Crossing Wellness in Kingston, we offer a wide range of weight loss strategies.

  • Lipo Laser
  • Body Wrap Treatments
  • Full Body Vibration
  • Naturopathic Medicine
  • Acupuncture

Today we will talk about the following

  • Lipo Laser
  • Body Wrap Treatments
  • Full Body Vibration

Let’s start with the basics.

Weight Loss Strategies in Kingston

What is Lipo Laser? Lipo Laser is a 30 minute per session, non-invasive, 100% pain free laser-based spot fat reduction and body contouring system benefiting in inch loss. Waves of electromagnetic light work to soften the targeted fat cell’s membrane so the fat stored inside the cell can be released. The fat is released into the lymphatic system where it can be eliminated from the body. Having released these three compounds, water, free fatty acids, and glycerol (often referred to as Triglycerides), the fat cells shrink significantly, resulting in inch loss. Unlike traditional Liposuction, there is no down time and absolutely no bruising, incisions, drugs, or pain. This treatment typically takes approximately 30 minutes.

What areas of my body can I receive Lipo Laser? Most commonly patients choose to have Lipo Laser applied to their belly area (upper and lower), upper arms, under the chin, thighs, lower and mid- back areas, and the buttocks. Patients usually see results after the first session! We will ask that you dress down to your under garments as it is essential to have the lasers make skin contact.

It’s important to remember that the Lipo Laser is a body contouring treatment that resolves in INCH loss, not WEIGHT loss. Although losing a few inches could in fact change your weight it is important to continue to eat well and exercise daily.

Directly following the Lipo Laser session we have our patients participate in our Full Body Vibration system. This is a scale looking machine with a vibration platform that you will stand on. As the machine vibrates, it transmits energy to your body, forcing your muscles to contract and relax; this will work with the Lipo Laser to help the fat exit your system through bodily elimination. This process takes approximately 10 minutes.

Last, but certainly not least, the Body Wrap Treatment. This is a spa like treatment created to promote inch loss, enhance the appearance of the skin, and helps extract dirt, toxins and excess water from the body. We will first apply a Solutions 4 body exfoliator to remove dead skin cells to start with a clean slate. We then move on by wiping off the exfoliator with a dry towel, and apply the Solutions 4 Body Wrap Cream. This cream smells like cinnamon and is very effective for those suffering from poor circulation and fluid retention. After the Body Wrap Cream is applied we then wrap the patient’s body tightly in a plastic film; think saran wrap. The Solutions 4 Body Wrap Cream teamed with firmly wound bandages will see you sweat out any excess water and toxins, and also tighten your skin.

Does my entire body get wrapped? No. Patients mainly request that we wrap the same areas that they received the Lipo Laser Treatment, which is also what we recommend. After you are fully wrapped we will have you lie down and relax for approximately 30 minutes. After your 30 minutes is up we will then cut away the plastic wrap and have you on your way! We ask that you do not shower within the following 24 hours after your Body Wrap Treatment.

Here at Kingston Crossing one of our primary focuses for weight loss is promoting a complete lifestyle change and finding the underlying cause of weight gain. The ability to lose weight and keep it off cannot be accomplished through radical and fad dieting. These diets cannot be sustained over the long-term and they adversely affect your natural metabolism. Plus, most people that diet this way gain the weight back…and then some.

Losing weight can be hard. You need the proper resources and support for successful long term weight loss. If you are committed to losing your excess weight and doing it in a healthy manner, you will benefit from our exceptional weight loss programs.